Discussing men’s urology and sexual health can be awkward, and many men simply keep their problems to themselves. It’s important for all men to understand these problems often extend beyond lifestyle concerns, and may actually be a warning sign of other, more significant health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. The only way to know is to discuss your urological or sexual health problems with a physician.

The specialists at Western Michigan Urological Associates are trained and experienced in men’s health and can help you confront these difficult problems. Our staff offers expertise in a wide range of men’s urological and sexual health conditions, from erectile dysfunction to incontinence to testosterone.

Our physicians will take the time to discuss these issues and provide a thorough physical examination to accurately diagnose your problem. We work to provide treatments that are as non-invasive and effective as possible. Ultimately, we educate and treat our patients so they can achieve a better quality of life.

SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Laser System

WMURO patients can now benefit from the latest in stone removal and BPH treatment.

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Common Urinary Issues

Have questions about urinary issues? Check out our interactive guide.

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Low Testosterone

Get the facts on hormonal imbalance, its signs, symptoms, and statistics in the United States.

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