Is Your Erectile Dysfunction Actually a Sign of Heart Disease?

Approximately one in every five men 40 and older reports moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED). According to a recent Australian study, men with ED may also have a greater risk of heart disease and early death. This link between ED and heart problems isn’t new, but it is the first to suggest that even mild ED could be a sign of heart disease.

In this study, a team of researchers looked at hospital and death records of 95,000 men in the 45 and Up Study (an ongoing study of healthy aging).

The participants in the study provided researchers with lifestyle and health information. The researchers accounted for known risk factors for heart disease such as age, education, smoking, alcohol use, weight, marital status, diabetes, and more.

The men who had reported ED had a higher risk of heart attack, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease and heart condition issues. Men who reported severe ED were 60 percent more likely to go to the hospital for coronary heart disease than those who did not have erection problems.

One of the more interesting results of this study is that even the men with no history of heart disease – but reported having erection problems – had a higher risk of having heart troubles, being hospitalized for heart disease and premature death.

What does this mean? Even if you’re experiencing minor erection issues, see a physician as soon as possible. Your condition may just save your life.